WordPress 3.4 Beta 2 Sudah Ada!!

WordPress sebagai CMS powerfull yang selalu meng-update sistemnya memang patut di acungi jempol. Bagaimana tidak, karena proses peng-update-an sistem CMS wordpress sebenarnya selalu berjalan setiap saat oleh komunitas pengembang wordpress tentunya.

Dan sekarang, WordPress 3.4 Beta 2 sudah ada dan siap kita download untuk di tes.

Pengumuman singkat untuk rilis WordPress 3.4 Beta 2 ini adalah:

Howdy, folks! Another week, another beta. Since we released Beta 1 last week, we’ve committed more than 60 bug fixes and feature adjustments based on testing and feedback. If you’ve been testing Beta 1, please update to Beta 2 to make sure things are still working for you. If you are a theme or plugin author and have not yet started testing your code against the 3.4 beta, now’s the perfect time to start. And as always, if you find any bugs, let us know! Full details on testing and bug reporting can be found in last week’s Beta 1 post.