>unHIDDEN files that’s have been hidden by a virus

>as you all know, sometimes a virus infects a file or delete a file and then takes it’s name.
well, for example a virus infect a *.doc file and appear in the Windows Explorer as application (where this file should appear as a word document) or those *.scr virus that hidden the main file (usually *.doc) and takes it’s name and add a *.scr extention and appear as screen saver file.

from what i’ve met so far, a virus sometimes hidden (not all virus delete files you know) the main file (usually *.doc file) and takes it’s name and adding *.exe or *.scr.

If you met something like this, it was quite simple.
the virus actually rename and add the files with system and hidden attribute (and some with read-only attribute).

Lets say that the virus was on drive “D:� and folder “\Main Data� like this: “D:\Main Data�

To unHidden it, do the following step:
1. Open the Command Prompt (press: Windows+R and then type ‘cmd’ on the Run Window)
And a command Prompt will open.

2. On the command prompt, type: ‘d:’ and the hit ‘Enter’, by doing so you’ll end-up in drive D:

3. to enter ‘Main Data’ folder, type: ‘cd main data’, and there you go, you’ve arrived in’Main Data’ folder.

4. now, the action: inside the folder, type these command: ‘attrib -r -s -h *.* /s /d’.
And thats all.

to know what -r -s -h mean, type on the command prompt: ‘attrib/?’. The command will lead you to attrib manual page (as if in linux :p)

Well, enjoy…
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